Youth and Young Adults

Family & Children’s Service offers several programs to empower youth and young adults, regardless of their backgrounds, their environment, or their past experiences. The agency focuses on asset-building in middle school girls through our program The Right Moves; engages youth ages 10-16 in activities that build their social skills and excite them about learning through our TEEN SCENE drop-in center, and supports multidisciplinary approaches to combat gang violence through coordinated efforts for prevention and intervention by offering Project Advance for young men and women aged 14-24.

The Right Moves (TRM) is an asset building program for fifth-grade girls in the Lynn Public Schools, focusing on topics for girls who are preparing for middle school. The small groups are facilitated by licensed master’s level clinicians/social workers who have extensive experience working with youth in a variety of settings.

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TEEN SCENE is a neighborhood drop-in center whose mission is to engage youth in activities that will build their social skills and excite them about learning. Continued academic support and enrichment activities help students see an improvement in grades and have an easier time dealing with the pressures of school, allowing them to increase their community connections and involvement.

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Project Advance -The goal of Project Advance is to support multidisciplinary approaches to combat gang violence through coordinated efforts for prevention and intervention. Targeting youth ages 14-24 the program combines prevention and intervention strategies to reduce the number of youth who join gangs, and provide supports and services for youth who are linked to gangs to discourage ongoing involvement.

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Prime (Promoting Responsibility, Individuality, Maturity & Empowerment)offers evidence-based health education that promotes prevention practices targeting STD/HIV and unintended pregnancies. The program serves diverse youth and young adults 14-19 years old and seeks to increase their knowledge regarding sexual health, boost understanding of vulnerabilities around sex, HIV/STD and pregnancy; reduce the likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behavior, strengthen problem-solving skills, improve ability to make informed decisions and enhance their self-confidence to establish and maintain healthy relationships. For further information, contact Phoeuth Phon at (781) 598-5517 or

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