Project Advance

Project Advance is a social support program that serves young men and women aged 14-24 who are at risk of becoming gang-involved and of engaging in delinquent or criminal activities. 

Using a Positive Youth Development approach, the program offers intensive case management, school & court   advocacy; and mentoring & life coaching.

The program includes work opportunities and training as a way to develop and strengthen character. 

Recognizing that supporting the family also supports the youth, family assistance and referral services are also provided in our efforts to effect lasting change.

Risk Factors?

Youth at highest risk include those:

-- With a history of arrests, interpersonal violence and significant alcohol or drug use;

-- Who have friends, siblings or close relatives with criminal or gang involvement;

-- That live in a neighborhood with high crime rates, prominent gang presence, and easy access to drugs or firearms;

-- That have a school history of suspensions, expulsions, absenteeism, and low academic achievement.

Referrals and questions about our  program should be directed to Ruben Montano:

781-598-5517 ext. 237 / 857-258-9908 (Cell) or email



111 North Common Street

Lynn, MA 01902 

(781) 598-5517 



9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Except holidays


95 Fourth Street

Chelsea, MA 02150

(617) 409-9360


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