(Promoting Responsibility, Individuality, Maturity Empowerment)

Safeguarding youth health through the prevention of HIV/STD’s and unintended pregnancies

Project PRIME offers evidenced-based health education that promotes prevention practices targeting STD/HIV and unintended pregnancies. The program serves diverse youth and young adults 14-19 years old and seeks to:

*  Increase their knowledge regarding sexual health

*  Boost their understanding of their own vulnerabilities around sex, HIV/STD’s and pregnancy

*  Reduce their likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behavior 

*  Strengthen their problem-solving skills

*  Improve their ability to make informed decisions

*  Enhance their self-confidence and capacity to establish  and maintain healthy relationships

We implement the Making Proud Choices curriculum, an evidence-based safer-sex approach to prevention. Our workshops address 11 different topics including:

* Risk behaviors for HIV and STD’s

* Attitudes about sex, HIV and condom use

* Myths and facts about pregnancy

* Contraceptive methods: abstinence and beyond

* Healthy relationships, negotiation and refusal skills

* Adult preparedness: finances and more

 We use a Positive Youth Development approach, follow trauma-informed practices, and have a commitment to health equity and racial justice.  Our strategies include the following:

* We use multi-media and interactive learning strategies

* We are mobile.  Workshops are offered at our offices or in the facilities of our community partners and schools

* We strive to create a safe space for ALL participants including: LGBTQ young people, youth with disabilities and youth from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds.

* We promote the strengthening of leadership skills   through the use of peer leaders

* We offer workshops in English, Spanish & Portuguese


111 North Common Street

Lynn, MA 01902 

(781) 598-5517 



9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Except holidays


95 Fourth Street

Chelsea, MA 02150

(617) 409-9360


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