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Serving the communities of Charlestown, Chelsea, East Boston, Revere, and Winthrop through our Harbor Area Office located at 95 Fourth Street in Chelsea. 

Healthy Families Harbor Area is a home visiting program for first-time young moms and dads, 20 years old or younger or with a child 1 year old or under residing in Charlestown, Chelsea, East Boston, Revere, or Winthrop. The program matches parents with trained professionals who visit families’ homes to provide support during pregnancy and the child’s first three years of life. Home visitors teach parents about proper baby care, promote nurturing and attachment, practice effective parenting skills, and ensure parents have a solid understanding of healthy child development. For further information, contact Xandra M. Negrón at (617) 409-9360 or xnegron@fcslynn.org

Parents as Teachers (PAT)
is a program under the Massachusetts Home Visiting Initiative (DPH) that will serve young parents 24 years old or younger regardless of the number of children in the family. The age range of the children served will be 0-5 years. Participants will reside in the communities of Chelsea, Lynn, or Revere. The program will offer support services, health and parenting education, child development assessments, and referrals to parents, their children, and their families. For further information, contact Mariana Marquez at (617) 409-9360 or mmarquez@fcslynn.org

The Young Parents Program (YPS) is a community-based program funded by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) which serves pregnant and parenting young adults up to age 23 and their children. Using a strength-based model, YPS home visitors work closely with young families to assess needs and offer a wide range of targeted supports intended to promote the healthy development of children, as well as the overall stability, independence and health of young parents.  Initially, YPS will be serving up to 30 families in Chelsea and Revere.  For further information, contact Joan Platt, LICSW at (781) 598-5517 or jplatt@fcslynn.org

Other Services

Promoting Responsibility, Individuality, Maturity & Empowerment (PRIME) Project PRIME offers evidence-based health education that promotes prevention practices targeting STD/HIV and unintended pregnancies. The program serves diverse youth and young adults 14-19 years old and seeks to increase their knowledge regarding sexual health, boost understanding of vulnerabilities around sex, HIV/STD and pregnancy; reduce the likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behavior, strengthen problem-solving skills, improve ability to make informed decisions and enhance their self-confidence to establish and maintain healthy relationships. For further information, contact Phoeuth Phon at (781) 598-5517 or pphon@fcslynn.org


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