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Mission Statement and What we Do

Helping Families Thrive since 1885

Our mission is to strengthen the life skills of families, children and individuals of all ages.

This is accomplished through a range of programs offered directly or in collaboration with other organizations in our community.

Further, our goals are to: supplement the educational offerings available to preschool children in Lynn; reduce familial stress through the provision of parent education and support; support and facilitate the achievement of Lynn youth; promote diversity and foster inclusion in our community; and ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations.

We are proud to state that we have made significant progress in each goal area during recent years. F&CS served over 3800 individuals in 2015 and we are home to the area's only Family Resource Center, a community resource for families of children from birth to age six who have little access to information, resources and services. Parenting Education and Family Support provides instruction based on the "Incredible Years" curriculum. This program features age-specific modules which provide parents with information about their child's development and practical tools to help adjust their parenting styles to better meet the needs of their children.

For older children, we have an excellent after school enrichment program called TEEN SCENE, A Drop-In Center for youth ages 10 to 16 that offers structured recreational and educational activities in a safe, supervised setting.   Another achievement for young people is The Right Moves, for pre-adolescent girls. This program focuses on the specific needs of girls to help them feel more empowered and positive about their choices. The girls are encouraged to learn to use their words and advocate for themselves in all aspects of their lives. This group provides them with a safe place to share their feelings and work on solutions.

Further, F&CS hosts Project Advance, providing programs to young men 14-24 who have been involved in violent situations, have been imprisoned or have self-identified as a gang members.

Finally, we have an Elderly Guardianship Program that supports senior members of the community who are unable to represent themselves in securing health and support services.

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